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We are your result-driven sales consulting firm that’ll help you build the right sales strategies, and handhold your salesforce to reach their fullest potential.

By fully understanding your brand needs and business goals, we incorporate those into your sales strategies, making us your go-to sales consulting agency.

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Who are our sales consulting services for?

Local business

Startups in early growth stage

SMEs (small and medium enterprises)

B2B companies

Apart from rendering branding, website design and development, and digital marketing, we also provide a bouquet of sales-related services to support and enable your business.

As a full-fledged creative branding and digital marketing firm, we won’t just provide your business with design, copy, or performance-driven strategies that stand the test of time, but we will also help you go to market by giving you a sales road map that can help make your product or service sell like hotcakes, thereby increasing your reach, market share, ROI, and boost your revenue. We will also help increase the performance effectiveness of your sales reps.

Our holistic services will give you the best-suited sales approach making us your best choice for a sales consulting firm.

Let’s seal the ‘sales’ deal now!

Looking to ace your sales effectiveness and sales force performance capabilities?
Crafting Genius is your go to sales consultancy and sales enablement firm

As independent sales strategy consultants, who have an outside perspective of your industry, we’ll be able to provide you with invaluable insight into what sales processes and strategies will work best for your business to boost your ROI.

Our team’s collective experience gives us keen insights into understanding your niche business and its problems. Being business owners ourselves, we come equipped with the know-how, sense of attention to detail and reliability to support you and your business. We will equip your sales team with the right knowledge, processes, and tools to maximise every sales opportunity and build a customised sales process improvement plan for your brand.

We provide the below sales outsourcing services

As a leading sales consulting and services company in India, one of our primary services is sales consultancy, giving you the guidance you need to head in the right direction. Our sales consulting capabilities include building and improving your sales strategies, sales planning, salesforce recruiting and training, that leads to overall sales process improvement. By defining the right plan, processes and regimented tasks for your salesforce, we can turn your goals into manageable steps, while setting you and your team up for success.

Sales enablement is nothing but providing your sales team with the right information, content and tools to help them sell your product or service more effectively. Our sales enablement services will also help your business leverage technology and create compelling content for the various stages of your buyers’ journey, and automate mundane sales tasks that will help your team do what they do best – close deals!

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If you’re struggling to build an effective online campaign plan for your business using PPC (pay per click), or generate qualified leads on social media, then you can be rest assured that you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a local business, b2b company, b2c or a d2c brand, we will ensure that all your online demand generation efforts result in generating actionable leads for your business. We are uniquely qualified to rid you off your lead generation woes and help you in your customer acquisition process.


Sales outreaching involves a few targeted processes. The first step is Prospecting – that is figuring out who your audience is, building your list of customers and segmenting it, and then crafting a customised common sales-oriented message for all your customers, new or existing. We’ll use proven techniques like hot/cold calling (hot calling is reaching out to existing customers; cold calling is reaching out to brand new prospects) using email, telephone, and craft a customised sales outreach plan for your business. Trust your sales outsourcing in India to us.

As a sales process improvement specialist, we will ensure that your sales messaging and your sales outreach activities are tailored for your different personas of customers at the different stages of their buying journey.

Fact – The average person spends upto ​​3 hrs on social media everyday! And as of 2022, there are 5 billion ppl using social media worldwide.

Yes, social media has broken down all possible barriers and boundaries and has made the world a smaller, closer place, especially in the b2b space. Social selling involves leveraging the power of social media to sell your product or service, helps build a strong community of loyal customers, and engage with them regularly. In today’s digital age, it is highly imperative to include social selling in your sales outreach strategy. And when done well, social selling can increase your sales-ready lead volume, decrease your sales cycle time and increase your sales conversion percentage.

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Through thought leadership, we’ll help you create a strong brand voice, understand your customers, their wants and needs, while being empathetic to their requirements. By understanding and relating to your customers’ needs and using case studies (this shows how your product/service was beneficial to your customer or how it solved their problem/s), we leverage thought leadership to help you think about your customers as if you were in their shoes and lead your salesforce and sales strategies in the right direction. It also helps you in demonstrating to your customers or prospective leads that you are an expert in your particular field or area of business, or even just in a particular topic by the manner of expression of your ideas.


It’s time to nail your sales game!

Boost Your Sales Results Like Never Before!

Choose us for all your Sales Consultancy Services

We provide premium/boutique sales consultancy services. We’ll engage with your company’s founders, CEOs, and/or sales directors. With just a 45-minute paid face-to-face consultation, we can give you an initial road map for your sales enablement success. As a sales organisation, we go right from understanding your current challenges to building an actionable review of your current sales process and goals. We’ll share with you quick, smart tips for your next selling strategy and give you an in-depth understanding of our capabilities and which service you require exactly to help improve your performance. All-in-all, you can be rest assured that this will be a value-packed conversation that will leave you wanting more! Think of us as your sales process improvement specialist.



“I’ve had the opportunity to work with the team at Crafting Genius, who were helping us with our content & design requirements for a website of an Apple Partner Reseller. The brand name is iPlanet.

The team was on time, and efficient in their deliverables, providing necessary updates in quick turn, incorporating the demanding guidelines of Apple into the design of the product or marketing pages. Their management of our company website was also on spot. Great team to work with & with Varun Veeranna at the helm of operations, Crafting Genius will help your brand tell a great story!”

                                                                                          – Sandesh Rai

“Good work by the team, quick turn around and open to feedback. Happy with the output.

                                                                                              – Siva NSV

“Good work by Varun and his team in supporting us with our needs and the result which the company provided us was mind blowing. Keep up the good work Varun and team .

                                                                                  Akash T

“Varun is very professional and communicative. His sincere approach towards website design and product content aspects really helped me in achieving the desired outcome. Excellent contribution !!

                                                                                  Sujana Pulla


What do sales consultants do?

As a pure sales consultancy services firm, we will provide your company with a mixture of sales consultancy and sales enablement services to get your brand out there and put your company on the map. From lead generation to sales outreach to hot/cold selling to training your sales force we are a complete b2b and b2c sales outsourcing company in India. If you are looking for b2b sales outsourcing in India, contact us.

Who are our services for?

Our sales consulting and sales enablement services are for small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, local business and family run businesses. We extend our sales consultancy and sales enablement services to any company, any size, that needs help with their sales strategy and sales planning, whether they already have a sales team or not.

What do sales consultants charge?

Experience, gauge our services, industries we have worked with, professional,
Depending on what your exact needs and goals are, we will have a completely transparent discussion from the get go and put all our questions and queries on the table so that we can arrive at an approximate figure that works well for both of us without overcharging you while giving you 100% value or money. We are your dedicated sales consultancy firm.

How does Sales Outsourcing help b2b companies?

Our Outsourced sales and marketing services not only help b2c companies reach their target audience, build their customer base and increase sales and revenue but also help b2b companies get in touch with the necessary businesses that they need to target to increase their sales revenue. We will train your sales team on how to approach these businesses, talk to their heads, answer their questions and land them as potential clients. If you manage a b2b sales team, you need help with sales outreach which is a mixture of hot and cold calling.

I have a small company and/or a small sales team. Can I hire you as a sales consulting / sales enablement firm?

Yes, for sure! Like we said, we render sales enablement and sales consultancy/sales improvement services to all kinds of companies, from startups to medium and large corporations to MNCs. No matter how big or small your company/business or sales team is, we’re here to help and elevate your sales performance while boosting your sales and revenue to all new heights!

I’m a b2c company d2c brand, will your services be useful to me?

Absolutely! From extending sales-related and sales enablement services for your lead generation, social selling, thought leadership, sales outreach, and other sales services, our expert sales consultants also specialise in devising customised sales plans for b2c and d2c companies that will help you achieve your sales targets.

I’m having challenges in building a great sales team, can you help me?

Yes, we’ve got your back! We will give you the leads that you need to reach your month on month sales targets and will help you properly plan a workable sales strategy even if you don’t have a full-fledged sales team.

I’m an individual professional consultant, can I still hire you?

Yes, you most certainly can! Even if you work solely or independently, with or without a team to help you, you could always use a little extra help with your sales game. Whether it’s knowing how to reach out to new customers in your niche industry or revisit existing leads, as a business owner and professional consultant we understand your sales needs well and will help give you that little extra boost.

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