Sales Enablement Service for Styre Learning – India’s first Apple Authorized Training Centre (AATC) for IT. It is also one of the Adobe Authorized Training Partners and IBM authorized Training Partners for Education.


Crafting Genius has been Styre’s trusted Sales Enablement service partner for six years now. Initially, it was challenging to build a market for Styre since the technology it was offering was very new and people were largely unaware. Since Apple is a premium brand, pricing was also a challenge. We defined the market for Styre and categorized its offerings into Retail, Corporate and Education.

Our Sales Enablement efforts have made Styre the preferred vendor for over 120 corporates across India. We also helped them achieve success with international clients such as the Public Works Department of Qatar. With our assistance, Styre has become the trusted training partner for 15 educational institutions, where they conduct both, student training and faculty development programs.

Crafting Genius has also represented Styre at several industry-trade-shows. We’ve also designed landing pages and event invites and created content for landing pages, event invites, presentations, and the company profile. We’ve run successful digital marketing campaigns for their upcoming courses, e-mailer campaigns to increase awareness of their offerings and ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.  We’ve also helped solve business problems by identifying experts they could collaborate with for their seminars and conferences.

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