Explainer Video creation for Novo Nordisk – a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of leadership and innovation in diabetes care.

At the time of this project, Novo Nordisk had a sales force of over 200 people in India – they were looking to educate the sales team through explainer video creation. Most of their sales representatives were based out of remote locations with limited infrastructure. The lack of connectivity caused problems in reporting and managers were unable to effectively track the performance of their team.

To improve operational efficiency, Novo Nordisk purchased iPads with internet facility that featured proprietary in-house apps. This technological intervention helped the team overcome hurdles in daily reporting.

To ensure that all the team members were equally acquainted with the technology, Crafting Genius created a 55-minute instructional video that taught the team how to operate the device and generate reports on a daily basis. The video also helped Novo Nordisk curtail training costs since the attrition within the Sales team is high. Now every time they have a new recruit they simply use the video for training rather than investing time and money in personal training.

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