Brand Strategy Development for Rasta – the first outlet was launched as a 24-hour pit stop café, on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. Following its success, a second outlet, positioned as a neighbourhood café and bar, was launched in Kalyan Nagar.

Rasta Thumbnail, Brand Strategy

Crafting Genius has been associated with Rasta Café right from the time its founders first conceived the idea of a highway café. Through brand strategy development, we helped identify the target audience and also worked closely with another design agency in defining the brand promise. We were responsible for planning and executing several on-ground activations for the brand. We also conducted the competitor analysis, which involved studying key market players such as Café Coffee Day and Barista, and creating a differential value for Rasta.

We helped them procure the necessary licenses and identified suitable retail partners to ensure a consistent brand experience on the property. Crafting Genius also managed a flow of over 400 phone calls over the weekends, ensuring operational efficiency with regard to bookings and reservations. We brought to the café, a footfall of nearly 800 people every weekend.

For key events that were hosted at the Rasta Ramnagar property, we defined the target audience, developed the content strategy for the dedicated Facebook campaigns to ensure ticket sales, thereby generating revenue. We also connected them with artists for décor and spatial design.


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