Knock, knock! Did someone call for a doctor?
We meant a digital marketing doctor!

89% of marketers agree that Digital Marketing Methods, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per click advertising guarantee success for brands.

We’re here to solve all your Digital Marketing dilemmas and make your Brand a smashing Success! We render powerful Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore that yield results!

Today, via the platform of technology, you can reach out to your audience in a number of ways. And one of them is online, and is probably one of the most important and most used platforms to connect with your audience.

search engine marketing

Fast Fact: Approx 1 billion ppl are surfing the internet for at least 2.5 hrs everyday!

Thus, it is important to maintain a strong online presence for your brand which requires the effort and the expertise of a Digital Marketing agency or dm agency in Bangalore. We are a result-oriented digital marketing company in Bangalore, India

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, or also known as online marketing, is the promotion of your brand/business or company to connect with potential customers primarily using the internet, social media platforms and other forms of digital communication. This includes not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also SMS text, WhatsApp and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

Digital marketing services encompass all such marketing campaign strategies that fortify your presence on the internet.

Digital marketing can take many forms, including online video, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads and social media posts.

Why does your business need expert Digital Marketing Services?

Makes you easily accessible on all e-devices, anytime, anywhere

Expands your business worldwide; helps you interact beyond boundaries

Helps you in tracking your customers, and gaining access to influencers

Gives you the flexibility to promote your business on every possible online platform

Gives you access to your customers’ feedback for business improvement

Communicating with your audience via your website and across all social media platforms are imperative for your brand awareness and recognition. There are a number of digital marketing activities that you would need to cover in order to catapult your company to the top. These include SEO marketing, performance marketing, social media marketing and so on.

However, all this, and other digital marketing efforts such as search engine marketing, Google Adwords, campaigns and social media ad campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter demand time and skill, along with a team of highly-experienced digital marketing experts, which is what you’ll get at Crafting Genius, thus making us your best choice for a digital marketing agency in Bangalore.

As a digital marketing agency with over 12 years of industry experience we can assure you that digital advertising strategies can transform your brand identity and help you reach new leads.

Make an impression on your audience with the best Make an impression on your audience with the best digital marketing services in Bangalore.
Our Unmatchable Digital Marketing Services to Help Grow your Business

This includes the regular gambit of digital marketing services that any Bangalore digital marketing agency would cover. 360-degree digital marketing refers to the advertising/branding/promoting of your product/service on any offline platforms like the TV, radio, newspaper, and all possible online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., It hits the target audience directly and sources new potential customers wherever they may be. As a digital marketing firm, we fully leverage the power of social media and all its various platforms in the form of static posts, videos, plain content or plain design, websites, blog forums, etc.


SEO or Search engine optimization, on page and off page, is one of the best practices for increasing the percentage of organic web traffic to your website, as is well known in any leading digital marketing company in Bangalore. It is done solely to increase the visibility of your webpage and helps you reach out to your potential consumers who are looking for your products and services. When a customer is browsing the internet in search of certain products or services that he wants, he types in certain “keywords” in the search bar of the web browser that he is using, be it Google, Safari, etc. By incorporating those keywords in your brand content, on page and off page, we fulfil the primary objective of SEO which is to make your site rank right on top of a customer’s browser search list so that your company gets picked first! As a leading online digital marketing company in Bangalore, we specialise in SEO and all SEO-related services, as well as creating and promoting SEO campaigns for your business.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a type of digital marketing strategy used to increase the visibility of your company website in a search engine’s results page. It is a marketing strategy to increase your brand visibility which helps people find the information that they are looking for on the internet using specific keywords that they type into the search engine bar. There are various digital marketing packages in Bangalore that will cover these services.

PPC stands for (pay per click) and is a type of ad-format in which the advertiser makes the payment to the publisher after the ad has been clicked on by an interested customer. These types of advertisements appear on Google, social media platforms, or whichever browser search pages the customer is using, either at the top, bottom or right hand side. Either you or the advertiser publishes your company advertisement on the internet and gets ‘paid per click’ made by every interested person. This is a great method for attracting a lot of web traffic towards your webpage and you can see the results immediately. However, ensure to choose the right creative digital marketing agency in Bangalore to get the job done!

Logo design

Social media marketing or SMM refers to the use of social media and all social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., to market your company’s products and/or services. It is the use of social media for your digital marketing, which we as a creative digital marketing agency in Bangalore highly specialise in. Social media marketing helps you engage with existing customers and reach out to potential new ones while also promoting your brand vision, mission, voice and brand message. We’ll set up and manage your social media handles, create compelling content that will keep your customers coming back everyday for more. Our seasoned digital marketing experts will help drive engagement, and build a community which will add to your brand recognition and increase your brand awareness.


Using the power of words to break the internet with your brand is what our content writers are great at doing! Our digital marketing strategists and experts are great with words and understand the right amount and type of content that needs to go out on various online and offline mediums to nail your digital marketing strategies. No matter what form of content your business requires, be it blogs, case studies, ppts, pitch decks, infographics, reports, articles, newsletters, white paper articles, social media posts on all SM platforms, platforms like Quora, emailers, gifs, video content, and the like, there’s nothing our writers cannot conjure up! And when done right, this content will convey your company expertise and make it clear that your company highly values its customers and is responsive to their feedback while also showing them how your business adds value to their lives.

Reap the benefits of Digital Marketing which include

Wide range of services to choose from

Expansion of reach

Effective communication


Better interactive experience for customers

Who can benefit from our Digital Marketing Services?

We don’t like to differentiate and love to welcome all kinds of companies and businesses with open arms! Being a top Online Digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we believe that every business today should have some sort of presence on social media.

Whether you’re a small family run boutique, a niche business, a professional consultant or an SME, we are your go-to for all Digital Marketing services in Bangalore.

We love to work with,


Local Businesses

eCommerce Businesses (D2C Brands)

Direct to consumer brands or e-commerce businesses garner most of their sales online via their website which makes digital marketing extremely important for them

With the whole world obsessed with health, fitness and nutrition, you need to get your business out there past your many competitors in this space. And we can make that happen!

Just started your proud little business and need help in making it grow big via digital marketing? Look no further, we’re here to help!

If you’re a locally-run business and need a little help and insight with promoting your product/service via DM platforms, give us a ring!

Health and Fitness


Our Process: Integrated Digital Strategy

Our 5-step foolproof process for a complete and integrated digital marketing strategy for your business:

Understanding your business goals

You can’t devise a digital marketing plan without first clearly defining your business goals, brand tone, customer base, revenue goals and future positioning.

Market and Audience Research

We’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of the market you’re in and the type of audience you need to target. Our digital marketing efforts will be based on these statistics.

Strategising and Building a budget

Either you may have a budget in mind or based on your dm needs, we’ll create a budget for you which will be used to boost ads, generate online leads and be pumped into various other digital marketing strategies.

Design/create and manage campaigns

Once we have a solid digital marketing plan in place, we’ll have our designers and writers on the job asap to bring it to life.

Monitor your growth

We will then monitor its performance regularly, make tweaks if need be and manage your dm campaigns from the get go.

We are a purely data-driven Digital Marketing agency in Bangalore that will help you increase revenue. We are a digital marketing agency for startups and small to large businesses in India.

Get a whiff of ‘Our GENIUS Edge’

infographics design

Just some of the reasons why you should partner with us:

Result Driven

Proven and Measurable


Team of Niche Experts

We Put Our Customers First

 Let us Grow your Business Digitally, together! 



“I’ve had the opportunity to work with the team at Crafting Genius, who were helping us with our content & design requirements for a website of an Apple Partner Reseller. The brand name is iPlanet.

The team was on time, and efficient in their deliverables, providing necessary updates in quick turn, incorporating the demanding guidelines of Apple into the design of the product or marketing pages. Their management of our company website was also on spot. Great team to work with & with Varun Veeranna at the helm of operations, Crafting Genius will help your brand tell a great story!”

                                                                                          – Sandesh Rai

“Good work by the team, quick turn around and open to feedback. Happy with the output.

                                                                                              – Siva NSV

“Good work by Varun and his team in supporting us with our needs and the result which the company provided us was mind blowing. Keep up the good work Varun and team .

                                                                                  Akash T

“Varun is very professional and communicative. His sincere approach towards website design and product content aspects really helped me in achieving the desired outcome. Excellent contribution !!

                                                                                  Sujana Pulla


Is it worth hiring a digital marketing agency in Bangalore?

Yes! Absolutely! That’s what we’re here for! Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, we have a number of customised digital marketing packages in Bangalore for your business that we think will do the job for you and tick off all the checkboxes for your dm strategies.

How do I devise a digital marketing strategy for my business?

Our 5-step process covers every aspect of how to nail your digital marketing strategy which will work best for your business or industry. Creating and running effective dm strategies requires an in-depth understanding of your brand and business which our digital marketing experts do day in and day out!

How much does a digital marketing agency charge in Bangalore?

Well, that would completely depend on the amount of digital marketing services that you would need and whether we need to tweak your existing dm strategies or revamp completely! We provide affordable digital marketing services in Bangalore and we hate burning your budget no more than you do. We are very cost-efficient and result-oriented. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss the cost of digital marketing in Bangalore.

How often should I post a blog or post on social media?

That’s a good one and the age-old question! Am I posting too much or too little content on my SM pages? Follow this simple rulebook – Facebook – Aim for once a day and definitely no less than 3 times a week. Instagram – Once or twice a day max. LinkedIn – At Least twice a week and definitely no more than once per day. Twitter – This one is a bit more varied but generally anywhere from 3-30 tweets per day is good.

Who needs digital marketing services?

Whether you’re a small startup, a growing family business, a niche boutique, or a small to medium size corporation, you need us! And if you’re not online yet, it’s time to consult us – a leading online digital marketing company in Bangalore to let us help you break the internet! We are a digital marketing agency for startups as well as established businesses.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.
Essentially, if a marketing campaign involves digital communication, it’s digital marketing

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Digital marketing agencies such as Crafting Genius work with the goal of generating maximum organic traffic to your business website.

Marketing professionals at digital marketing agencies use services like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, pay per click marketing and others to attract more leads while being cost effective. These leads will also be better quality leads that will increase the probability of them making a purchase.

How to hire the right Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business?

Digital marketing agencies help your company build an online presence by utilising the variety of services that they have to offer. Our expertise and market experience allow us to assist you in generating better leads for your company.

We collaborate with you from the very onset of a project and allow you to decide which services would benefit your brand and lead you to success. We assist you in making a decision based on your budget and your goals for your brand.

How to make a Digital Marketing Strategy for my business?

To build a digital marketing strategy that works for your business can often be a daunting task. There is an array of services that we offer and we help you decide which would make a difference for your company. We help you build a roadmap for your journey to digital success.
Reach out to Crafting Genius today to discuss your ideas.

What should I do to get started with Digital Marketing?

Choosing a digital marketing agency can be challenging at first. As a first step, you can reach out to Crafting Genius and discuss your digital marketing goals with us. We will try our best to guide you through your journey and help make your brand an online success.

Who Needs Digital Marketing Services?

Whether you are a local business or an enterprise, the benefits of digital marketing can be reaped by every business.

We work with start-ups, local businesses, eCommerce businesses, enterprises, politicians, health and fitness and more.

Work with us

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