Shanthala Chits is a registered chit fund company in Bangalore. Having offered their services to several individuals over the years, they have earned the title of the ‘friendly neighborhood banker.’

Services Offered
  • Infographic Design
  • Content Solutions

Shanthala Chits has grown to become a trusted banker for those who would like to invest in chit funds. However, one of their biggest business challenges lies in informing people that a chit fund is indeed a smart savings option. They wanted to let people know that a chit fund is the only savings option where the investor can easily access his/her funds in times of need, unlike other savings options like fixed deposits or mutual funds, where the money is locked away for a particular period of time.

To this effect, Crafting Genius designed and created the content for an infographic which the company shared with all their investors. Through this campaign, investors were encouraged to invest further in chit funds and also recommend Shanthala Chits to their family and friends.