I-shield is a tested and proven anti-bacterial textile that can be used to make bed sheets, pillow covers, uniforms and more. These products are suitable for use in healthcare institutions as well as homes.

Services Offered
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Solutions

I-shield offers a revolutionary product for homes, hospitals and any other space where hygiene is a priority. The anti-microbial, anti-allergen textile was a new offering in the Indian market. The objective was to inform audiences of how the technology works, dispel any misconceptions that surrounded the technology and provide potential buyers an opportunity to make a purchase.

Crafting Genius designed and developed an SEO-friendly, mobile-optimized website that was rich with graphical representations supported by clear, and concise content. We undertook competitor analysis and keyword research to help the client better understand d the current market scenario while reaching out to a larger audience. We also created a GIF animation for the website.